About Us

We at Suremark® are grateful for your service to those in need of healing and positive energy. With this in mind, we have focused intensely on creating new PRECISION SKIN MARKING PRODUCTS that not only address the needs of technologists and doctors, but also provide a few moments of levity from the stress of medical procedures.

With the overwhelming success of our ComfortMark™ and BeautyLine™ products, we have seen what many health care professionals are calling the "Suremark® Butterfly Effect." We've carried this good feeling into our newest product offerings for MRI, radiation therapy, and children's CT scan procedures.

The butterfly is one of the most emblematic symbols of personal transformation. In many traditions throughout the world, it represents renewal, rebirth, health and healing. Secondary meanings include lightness of being, playfulness, joy, and tuning into the emotional or spiritual. For Suremark®, the butterfly represents caring and understanding; that patients and their care-givers find themselves in difficult situations, and a kind word with a beautiful butterfly can go a long way.

Suremark® was the first to develop and offer a complete line of environmentally safe, NON-METALLIC precision skin markers to the medical industry, and our LATEX-FREE labels are designed and manufactured to be the finest quality available anywhere. From our advanced label adhesive, to our precise marker placement, Suremark® labels are guaranteed to be the best performing markers you have ever used. You can be confident that all Suremark® marking systems will stay where you put them, the first time, and show up clearly and consistently in all of your medical imaging applications.

Through our experience, Suremark® has implemented many manufacturing techniques that greatly improve efficiency, resulting in substantial savings over competing brands, and all Suremark® labels are backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee within one year of purchase.